Interested in becoming a referee? Look no further, 

Otahuhu United is committed to giving opportunities through football and also tackling some of the games biggest challenges. 

One of those biggest challenges is refereeing, and increasing the numbers who can officate games across all leagues 

In conjunction with our regional sports affilate, Northern Region Football - Otahuhu United has committed to a long term approach around refereeing. In the strategic plan for 2023 to 2026 Otahuhu United has commited too the following:

  • A comprehensive internal development pathway for people interested and keen to become a referee
  • Hold 1 referee's training course a year for the next 3 years
  • Have all coaches and managers sit a referee's training course
  • Inclusivitiy - 1 female referee for every 25 females that play
  • Increase numbers of referees by 4 year on year for the next 3 years
  • Create a club based referee coordinator role who will arrange referees for home games 

Next Steps

If you are interested in becoming a referee, please reach out to the club secretary who will start the process

  1. Intially a face to face meeting will take place with our club chairman who will go over the process and prer-requisities for becoming a referee
  2. Your details will be passed onto our Northern Region Football Referee Contacts - Northern Region Football: Beth Rattray & Mark Hester
  3. Your details will be loaded against our database so we can contact you when we require a club based referee.

If you are wanting to know more about refereeing, and have lots of questions - feel free to contact the Club Chairman Stephen West for more

If you become a qualified referee for the Northern Football Region you will be paid per game you officate 

Pre Requisities 

  1. A basic knowledge of football
  2. A basic level of fitness
  3. A willingness to learn and grow
  4. Dedication 

Each level of refereeing has it's own level of fitness requirements, they are listed below (the can also be found: Referee Development

​​​​​​​Referee Fitness Test Criteria

Basic Referee (Sprints 40 metres in under 7 seconds-6 repetitions. 75/25 run/walk 20 seconds/20 seconds-40 repetitions.

Advanced Referee (Sprints 6.5/ Repetitions 17/20)

  • Premier Referees: Sprints 6.0 / Repetitions 15/18 – Mandatory to pass
  • Premier Assistant Referees: Sprints 6.2 / Repetitions 15/20) – Mandatory to pass
  • Premier Women Referees: Sprints 6.5 / Repetitions 17/22) – Mandatory to pass
  • Premier Women Assistant Referees: Sprints 6.5 / Repetitions 17 / 22 – Mandatory
  • L4 Field Test Aspirants – Men: Sprints 6.2 / Repetitions 15/22) – Mandatory to pass
  • L4 Field Test Aspirants – Women: Sprints 6.6 / Repetitions 17 / 24) – Mandatory to pass
  • 1st Division Referees: Sprints 6.1 / Repetitions 15 / 20) – Mandatory to pass
  • 2nd Division Referees: Sprints 6.1 / Repetitions 15/20) – Mandatory to pass
  • Reserve Leagues: Sprints 6.2 / Repetitions 15/22)

Referee Resources

These resources are here to help encourage and support all who are interested in becoming referees 

The Green shirt initiative - 7 Sharp 

The Green shirt campaign 

NZ Football MacDonalds Referee Development Page

As a download, you can download the referee development game cards to review and develop your refereeing abilitilies