Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What age group will my child play in?

  • Your child will play in the age group that they are turning in 2022, example: If your child is turning 10 this coming year, they are egliable to play in the 10th grade team. If your child is turning 13 this coming year, they are egliable to play in the 13th grade team. 

How much will it cost to play? 

  • Dependant on the age group you are wanting to register for, the registration cost will vary. The fees for the 2023 winter season are: 
  • For our first kicks age group (4 to 6 yrs old) it is $70.00 
  • For our fun football age group (7 to 8 yrs old)  it is $70.00
  • For our mini football age group (9 to 10 yrs old) it is $90.00
  • For our 11th grade age group (11yrs old) it is $120.00
  • For our 12th to 19th grade age groups (12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19 yrs old) it is $140.00 
  • For our senior mens and womens it is $230.00

Does you have a family fee? 

  • The answer is yes, however this has certian criteria to it. Please enquire with the club secretary to find out more 

Our fees include affilation costs to New Zealand Football, Northern Region Football and club operating costs. Without fees would not be able to have a club or offer the services we do 

How long is the season?

  • The 2023 season will be 16 to 20 weeks long from the 29th April until the 07th October. There are two catch up weekends to play any missed games due to cancelations or other restrictions. The season structure is in line with school tems 2 & 3 

What playing Gears/ equipment do I need ?

  • We as club provide the playing shirts  and shorts for juniors -  socks are brought separately. The shirt and shorts are to be returned at the end of the season 
  • For senior players a full playing strip , shirts socks and shorts - again these are to be returned at the end of the season 
  • Players are also required to have football boots and shinpads - these can be brought through any sports store such as Rebel Sports, Stirling Sports
  • Goalkeeping Gloves are provided by the club for Junior teams only 
  • If unsure please contact your coach or club secretary for assistance with any gear needs or further information 

Training and Games

  • Dependant on what team you are playing for, the coach or manager will reach out to inform you of the training and game times. Junior trainings are usually held once a week with a game(s) on the weekend. Senior's usually train twice a week with game(s) on the weekend 
  • Trainings will be held at Seaside Park unless the grounds are closed due to poor weather or an unexpected circumstances. Your Coach or Manager will inform you otherwise you can find out via our social media platforms / website or Auckland Council Website Field Closures pag
  • Game information will be distributed by the Coach or manager. All game fixtures will be found on the Northern Region Football website except the first kicks and fun football teams. These fixtures are arranged by the clubs involved in the football cluster (clubs working together) and will be sent out to all participates a week before the season starts
  • Game cancelations are made either Friday night or Saturday morning