Coaching Pathway

Coaching the players of today and tomorrow.

Coaching is for anyone who enjoys sport and cares about the all round development of the sport and individuals participating 

Coaching is not just about improving the athletes’ physical performance, nor is it about winning. The development of the athlete as a “whole” person is just as important as his/her success in sport. The physical skills you teach your athletes may only be used for a few years, but the attitudes and values they develop towards themselves and others will last a lifetime

What's your Role as a coach

As a coach you will be required to fill a number of different roles at different times.

For example:

A teacher ... passing on knowledge, teaching new skills.

A role model ... setting a good example.

A motivator ... setting challenging but realistic goals, providing positive reinforcement.

A scientist ... applying sport science principles to the training programme.

A counsellor ... providing advice, managing conflict

We at OUAFC love the work our coaches do and we are always looking for more coaches for our teams. To be the best coach you can be, OUAFC will support any coach will to further thier education and understanding of football. Our regional body in conjunction with the New Zealand Football Federation offer specfic coaching courses throughout the year to further improve coaches and their skills.  The coaching course calendar for 2022 can be found below

Role Profile: Team Coach

If you are interested, please download the experssion of interest coaching form below and return it via email to our inbox

We will work with all interested parties to create a personalised coaches devleopment plan. This plan will include a mentor and full support from our other team coaches. All coaches at our club are volunteers and we are thankful for each one that puts thier hand up to coach